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Transform your performance and presence, interpersonal relationships and
organizational results.

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Hello! I'm Dianne

Dianne Young is a highly accomplished speaker, educator, facilitator, and business consultant passionate about helping others succeed. With a track record of creating more than a dozen successful companies, she is a person with true ideas who takes action and achieves results. 

Dianne's extensive experience in business consulting and training has allowed her to work with organizations of all sizes and industries, helping them strategically exceed their goals using existing resources. Her ability to bring out the best in others and help them realize their true potential is unparalleled.

Formerly with Dale Carnegie Training, Dianne has trained thousands of business professionals from all walks of life, developing their skills and confidence to achieve their personal and career goals. Her clientele includes major corporations such as Microsoft, Mazda, State Farm, AT&T, CDC, Equifax, United Way, Atlanta Public Schools, Bank of America, and many more.

Dianne's expertise in the art of educating, encouraging, and empowering her audiences has led her to be featured as a keynote speaker for numerous conferences, including the Women's Leadership Conference and National Women in Business. Her passion for learning and avid reading also contribute to her ability to inspire and motivate others.

Dianne Young is a highly sought-after business consultant, trainer, and keynote speaker, who has a proven track record of helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals. Her expertise in empowering others and strategic thinking has made her a valuable asset to companies across multiple industries.

Join Dianne on a journey of transformation and discover how her insights and guidance can help you unlock your full potential and achieve extraordinary success.

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Speaking & Training


  • Change Management

  • Communication Strategies

  • Customer Experience

  • Empowerment

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Influence

  •  Human Centered Leadership 

  •  Passion & Purpose

  •  Sales and Marketing

  • Women's Interests

  • Psychological Safety

  • Critical Thinking

  • Cultural Intelligence

  • Adaptive Leadership

  • Mindfulness

  • Influence Without Authority

  • Brand Management


  • Sales Mastery for Competitive Markets

  • The Anatomy of a Sale: A Foolproof Process to Selling More

  • Leading with Impact

  • The Empowerment Revolution

  • Generational Synergy

  • Empowered Leadership

  • Being Brilliant with the Basics

  • Is it a Hobby or Business? Turning Passions into Profits

  • Leading from Anywhere: Influence Without Authority

  • Authentic Leadership for Women

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"Dianne has a knowledge and

passion of what she does that is unparalleled. The sheer joy of working with someone so confident and powerful was an honor. Dianne is an incredible proven public speaker and coach that has taught me many ways to become more successful."

Russ Pruden / Client Executive at Tooling U-SME

"It is with great pleasure

that I recommend Dianne's work.

She was very helpful in bringing along a group of 1st time supervisors we had. The group met their objectives on-time and within budget. She was also helpful as we worked on a customer team project involving Raving Fan. Everyone for our company who came in contact with Dianne was impressed."

Brent Cobb / President at World Class Industries, Inc.

"Dianne is an accomplished

and capable business professional.

I have been struck by Dianne's heart for her clients, her ability to listen, and her direct approach to solving problems and challenges. She comes across as confident and optimistic without being dewy-eyed. She will bring a sense of inner strength, clarity and can-do attitude to any organization that chooses to work with her. Her experience across a wide range of businesses, including as a business owner, makes her highly qualified to understand and assist other businesses in meeting the challenges inherent in doing business today. I recommend her highly." 

Pastor / United Baptist Church of Concord NH

"Dianne has by far been

one of the best leaders I have

had the privilege of working with in my career. As a dedicated professional, she takes a personal interest in each of her employees and team members, and invests her time and efforts in making sure each are successful in their role. The time she has taken to develop, encourage, and train each of her peers is apparent with each individual's achievements. It is under her leadership that I have grown the most, as she has demonstrated the willingness to be adaptable, and change her communication style on command, which has been instrumental in my personal and professional development. It is with this experience that I give her my highest recommendation to any team." 

Team Member / Microsoft Mobile

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